Sound and Movement, Action and Interaction Sound and Movement, Action and Interaction; Joke Schot captures the essence of what is fleeting, flowing and dynamic and, paradoxically, represents it in a series of stills.  Her photographic images are both symbol and reportage. Since the end of the eighties Joke Schot has been a regular at the North Sea Jazz Festival. Schot has photographed some of the most exciting jazz artists ever to have graced the stage. Her unobtrusive style has enabled her to catch crucial moments both on and off stage, revealing the intensity and the passion of the performers and their audiences. Today, Joke Schot presents an impressive portfolio.  Over the last several years she has been working on a project called “Around the Stage,” mostly at venues such as LantarenVenster, Paradiso and at European Festivals. Here she has made photos and collages of Jazz artists, singer-songwriters, world and pop musicians. Schot’s preoccupation with the gearing up and winding down of the artists back stage as well as on stage has led to an interest in the unique atmosphere of a concert and the interactions that occur. These are captured in gestures and facial expressions mirroring the changes that arise with the music. Joke Schot’s jazz photography is in public and private collections. Her work has been exhibited in many galleries and venues, among them Galerie Pakhuis 6 in Rotterdam, Music Inspired Art Foundation during the North Sea Jazz Festival in Ahoy, Rotterdam, and Jazzclub Mahogany Hall in Edam. Her photography is currently featured in various leading national and international music publications and newspapers, and is employed by major record companies. Giuliana De Novellis